Our care teams include patients and their families.

Healthcare today is about more than diagnosing and treating problems. At Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health, we know that the most effective pediatric care arises from a partnership between patients, families and clinicians. Starting with the work of the late Dr. Morris Green, who spent 20 years as our physician-in-chief, Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health became one of the first hospitals to embrace what is now known as Patient- and Family-Centered Care. We are committed to a set of patient and family rights that means family members are regarded as partners in care and children are treated with compassion and respect.

At Riley at IU Health, we are proud to have helped pioneer an approach that recognizes the important role that families can play in improving children’s health. Our philosophy is summed up in a quote from Dr. Green: “Let all who walk this way know that Indiana cherishes her families, that she loves her children. In this very special haven, no child shall cry unheard … none shall walk alone … and no mother or father shall be friendless.”

Our philosophy of care affects every decision we make.

Patient- and Family-Centered Care means that we share information with you, encourage your collaboration and honor your choices. This approach is fundamental not only to how we care for individual patients, but also to how we operate as an organization. Riley at IU Health turns to patients and families for advice on matters such as what foods to serve, what types of support programs to offer and even how to improve our physical environment. Our new Simon Family Tower, for example, was planned with input from patients and their families as well as doctors, nurses and staff members. Every aspect of this 10-story facility was designed to contribute to a child- and family-friendly environment and support high-quality care. Patient- and Family-Centered Care leads to better health outcomes and greater patient and family satisfaction.

We helped to define the modern approach to care.

The tenets of Patient- and Family-Centered Care are now widely accepted in pediatrics, with many healthcare organizations throughout the U.S. working to implement them. That was not, however, the case in 1967 when Dr. Green was named as our physician-in-chief and chairman of the Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics. At a time when restrictive hospital visiting hours were the norm, he began allowing parents to spend more time at their children’s bedside and serve as partners in care. Long before the term Patient- and Family-Centered Care was invented, he further developed the concept with projects, such as a pavilion enabling parents to live with and share in the care of their children. Dr. Green died on Aug. 6, 2013, at age 91, leaving behind a powerful legacy. At Riley at IU Health we honor that legacy and are committed to children’s health and the role that patients and families play in attaining the best outcomes.