Volunteering at Riley at IU Health

Volunteers make a difference for our families and patients at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.  

Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers provide an indispensable service to the patients, families and staff. The care provided to patients and families is enhanced through the services volunteers provide. We make an effort to place individuals in the hospital and position of their interests. However, volunteer position availability varies. Volunteers are assigned to a specific area to complete their initial service.

Who Can Volunteer

Anyone over the age of 16 who can meet our minimum commitment may volunteer.  Summer only opportunities are available for ages 14 through college senior as part of our Student of Service Program.


What are the time commitments?

Traditional volunteers must commit to one of three levels.  Guide a Guest is a 33-hour commitment over 11 weeks.  Volunteer placement in a more medically related area requires a minimum of 50 hours for college students and 80 hours for adults. This is generally given in 3-4 hour increments once a week.  However, the amount of hours may be subject to change depending upon the needs of the department and volunteer and with approval of the volunteer coordinator.  Additionally we have opportunities for off-site groups, service groups and “on call” volunteers that are not subject to the above guidelines.

How long does it the application process take and how soon can I begin volunteering?

Prospective volunteers must complete a volunteer application.  After completing the application, it will be reviewed by Volunteer Services; an interview will then be scheduled with the Volunteer Services Department.

Upon receiving an email to schedule an interview two reference forms and information regarding the mandatory health screen will be provided.  A background check and orientation are also required to be able to start volunteering.

This process can take 3 to 5 weeks to complete.  

Is there a dress code?

Yes. We required all volunteers to dress in business casual attire. Volunteers are provided with a uniform jacket or have the option to purchase their own red polo shirt as a more comfortable alternative.  

Can I volunteer in more than one area?

Yes. We may request that you establish yourself in one area before being placed with another service area.   

How many days a week can I volunteer?

Volunteers can volunteer one or two times a week for 3-4 hour shifts.

What volunteer shifts are available?

Volunteer shifts vary depending on the service area but generally shifts are available seven days a week. Where volunteers can serve vary. 

What can I expect at the volunteer orientation?

Training topics include a general overview of the volunteer program, infection control policies, environmental safety, liability, patient confidentiality, HIPPA and other hospital policies.

Volunteers are also trained by their departmental supervisor or designated staff to successfully complete assigned tasks. This training is divided into two areas: basic workplace instructions (e.g. location of bathroom, where to put coat, etc.) and volunteer task assignments.

Where do I park?

Parking is provided to volunteers at no cost. Volunteers are able to park in the Riley Outpatient Parking Garage.  

Do you offer internships?

Yes. Volunteer Services offers limited unpaid non-clinical internship opportunities. Please contact us to see if we are able to assist you with your internship needs at 317.944.5757.

Will I be able to shadow a doctor or have a clinical experience?

Volunteer Services does not offer shadowing opportunities.  

What health requirements do I need to meet?

Volunteers must provide documentation of vaccinations at their health screenings.

Employees, faculty, physicians, staff, students, and volunteers across IU Health are required to receive the flu vaccination. If you are volunteering between the months of October and April the seasonal flu vaccine will be provided free of charge. Very few exemptions are granted.

All volunteers are screened for tuberculosis and must be determined to be free of active infection by the Employee Health at Methodist Hospital before beginning service.

Volunteers must receive a TB screening on an annual basis to maintain active status.

For more information regarding these requirements please contact Employee health at 317.962.8494.

Will it cost me to volunteer?

Volunteers are provided with a uniform jacket but may purchase their own red polo shirt if they feel it would be a more comfortable alternative. Other than this optional cost there is no cost to volunteer.

Can I volunteer just for the summer?

Yes, but we do require our minimum commitment to be meet in all volunteer service areas.

We offer a dedicated summer only program for ages 14 through college senior as part of our Students of Service Program. Applications for that program become available in January 2015 and must be submitted prior to April 1.

Are meals provided to volunteers?

Volunteers are provided with a five dollar meal coupon that can be used in select hospital eaters.

Do you offer service projects?

For more information on our requirements for service project groups please learn more about our Visit Guidelines.

A Volunteers Impact

“Paul has given a great gift to many of the babies in the NICU, his time. He has very selflessly poured his heart into rocking and caring for those babies who need a little extra attention. The compassion he shares with those around him is inspiring. I will always remember the hearts he’s touched on our unit and one of those is mine.”

- - Riley NICU Nurse