Minimizing The Pain and Anxiety of Medical Procedures for Children

Pediatric anesthesiologists are doctors who specialize in managing and minimizing pain and anxiety during surgeries or other medical procedures performed on children. Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health is home to the largest group of pediatric anesthesiologists in Indiana. All of our physicians have advanced training in pediatric anesthesia and provide comprehensive anesthetic care for children of all ages, from newborns to adolescents.

Most people understand that anesthesiologists provide services in operating rooms, such as providing anesthetics to children before surgery. But pediatric anesthesiologists also provide anesthetics or sedation for other medical procedures that may involve pain or require a child to remain perfectly still.

Our doctors care for children undergoing diagnostic and interventional services throughout the hospital. Those services include MRIs, cardiac catheterization, radiation therapy, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine and X-rays/CT scans. Our anesthesiologists work closely with the surgeons, pediatricians, radiologists and intensive care specialists throughout the hospital to provide comprehensive care for our patients.

Pain management is another area of expertise of the anesthesiology team. Our pediatric anesthesiologists offer anesthetic care for children with acute and chronic pain. They provide this treatment at the Riley Hospital for Children Pain Center at Indiana University Health and the Acute Pain Service.

Training future pediatric anesthesiologists is also a focus of our team. The Department of Anesthesia at Indiana University School of Medicine offers one of the largest anesthesia residency programs in the U.S. Residents receive pediatric anesthesia training at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, and the department offers a pediatric anesthesia fellowship at the hospital.