Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health is home to the largest group of pediatric anesthesiologists in Indiana. All of our physicians have advanced training in pediatric anesthesia and provide comprehensive anesthetic care for children of all ages, from newborns to adolescents. Services range from general anesthesia in the operating room to sedation during medical procedures to helping patients cope with acute or chronic pain.

Surgical Anesthesia Care

Anesthesiologists provide general anesthesia to patients during surgery. General anesthesia means being completely asleep during a procedure until it is time to wake up. When you think of anesthesiologists, this may be the part of their job you think of first. See our surgical anesthesia care page for in-depth detail about what you and your child should expect before surgery.

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Diagnostic and Interventional Anesthesia Care

Adults can lie still for a scan or cope with the minor pain of a procedure, but children, especially small children, cannot. That’s where the pediatric anesthesiologist comes in.

Our physicians work closely with pediatricians, cardiologists, radiologists and intensive care specialists. We help them obtain clear diagnostic images and help patients have an anxiety-free and pain-free experience during procedures.

Our anesthesiologists may sedate or provide pain medicine to children for diagnostic or interventional services. Those services include MRIs, cardiac catheterization, radiation therapy, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine and X-rays/CT scans.

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Anesthesia Care for Chronic and Acute Pain

Our service treats patients with chronic pain. Our pediatric anesthesiologists administer treatment for pain, provide prescriptive care and perform anesthetic procedures used to treat chronic pain.

The Acute Pain Service manages postoperative pain. Treatment may include regional anesthetic nerve blocks performed in the operating room that make the patient more comfortable after surgery.

Chronic Pain
The Riley Hospital for Children IU Health treats patients with chronic pain. Two faculty anesthesiologists regularly care for patients with chronic pain issues. They see patients in clinic, administer treatment for pain, provide prescriptive care and perform anesthetic procedures that treat chronic pain.

Acute Pain
Anesthesiologists also manage postoperative, acute pain in patients. This treatment may include anesthetic nerve blocks performed in the operating room so that a patient will be more comfortable after surgery. Our anesthesiologists will also check on patients in the hospital who have had nerve blocks or other pain procedures during surgery and make adjustments to their pain medications as needed.

With improvements in ultrasound technology, acute pain treatment has improved. Nerves in children are smaller and harder to pinpoint than they are in adults. Ultrasound devices provide better visualization of nerve structures in children. This allows better use of nerve blocks to prevent postoperative pain.

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