Helping Children with Support and Guidance

The Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences team at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health surrounds you and your child with support. We bring several disciplines together to help your child:

  • Psychiatric social workers
  • Clinical child psychologists
  • Child and adolescent psychiatrists

Together, these professionals provide in-depth evaluation and collaborative treatment for you and your child.

Family therapy is an important part of many of our treatment programs. We also offer:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Social skills
  • Behavioral modification

Our doctors work closely with schools and have worked with several communities to establish outreach programs to help children where they live and go to school.

Riley Hospital for Children Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at IU Health is divided into five specialty clinics and a general clinic.

Christian Sarkine Autism Treatment Center

The Riley Hospital for Children Christian Sarkine Autism Treatment Center at Indiana University Health evaluates children for disorders such as autism, Aspergers and pervasive developmental disorder. These children typically have significantly impaired development in social interaction and communication, and/or significantly limited activities and interests.

The medical director of the Riley Christian Sarkine Autism Treatment Center at IU Health is Martin Plawecki, MD. The clinical director is Noah Minshawi, PhD, HSPP.

ADHD/Disruptive Behavior Disorders Clinic

Children who have a persistent, severe pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity and impulsivity are candidates for evaluation and treatment at the ADHD/Disruptive Behavior Disorders Clinic.

The co-directors of the clinic are David Dunn, MD, and William Kronenberger, MD.

Mood Disorders Clinic

Our Mood Disorders Clinic evaluates children for disturbances in their mood. These disturbances can include:

  • Depression
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in normal activities
  • Irritability
  • Social isolation
  • Suicidal ideation

The medical director of the Mood Disorders Clinic is Leslie Hulvershorn, MD. The co-chief of the clinic is Ann Lages, PhD.

OCD/Tic/Anxiety Disorders Clinic

The OCD/Tic/Anxiety Disorders Clinic diagnoses and treats children with any of the following symptoms:

  • Recurrent obsessions or compulsions severe enough to impair daily living significantly
  • Recurrent tics, vocal noises or outbursts
  • Apprehension, fearfulness or anxiety
  • Trichotillomania (hair loss from repeated urges to pull or twist the hair until it breaks off)

The medical director of the OCD/Tic/Anxiety Disorders Clinic is Kelda Walsh, MD.

Dual Diagnosis Clinic

Children 10-18 years old with substance abuse and a psychiatric disorder can come to the outpatient Dual Diagnosis Clinic. The clinic helps these children and their families deal with the challenges that come with a combination of psychiatric and behavioral problems.

The clinic’s medical director is Leslie Hulvershorn, MD.

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