Transition Care

Youth to Adult Transition Support Clinic

Are you a youth age 11-22 with special health care needs like a chronic condition, illness or disability?

Do you have questions about how to prepare for your adult life?

If so, then you may benefit from the services offered by the Indiana University School of Medicine Center for Youth & Adults with Conditions of Childhood (CYACC) at Eskenazi Hospital.

CYACC provides transition consultation, education and care coordination across all diagnoses including youth with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, and/or chronic illness.  Referrals are accepted from subspecialists, primary care physicians, community agencies or families themselves.  Our five most frequent patient diagnoses include Down syndrome, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, autism and intellectual disability.

Our transdisciplinary team of social workers, nurses, and medicine-pediatric physicians provides clinical visits four half-days per week and care coordination during the remainder of the week.  As a patient attending the clinic, you can expect to visit once per year as you make progress toward adulthood.  The team will work with you to develop a portable medical summary and transition plan to help you achieve your goals.

Contact/Referral Information

To make an appointment with the Center for Youth and Adults with Conditions of Childhood please contact us at the number below. You may also contact us through email.

Phone 317-948-0061


We are located in Eskenazi Hospital, Fourth Floor in Special Medicine. 
720 Eskenazi Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46202


Please park in the Eskenazi Health Parking Garage, located off Eskenazi Avenue. 
Parking during your visit will cost $1.

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