Research and clinical literature strongly suggests that children with developmental delays and those who find themselves in adoptive care situations are at increased risk for social-emotional and behavioral concerns. These difficulties can result in increased caregiver stress which cannot only significantly impact family functioning, but also creates an additional risk factor that can negatively influence the child’s development and mental health.

Unfortunately, many of the families that we work with in Developmental Pediatrics have severely limited mental health insurance benefits—or no mental health benefit at all. Additionally, obtaining authorization to provide mental health services for those families that do have mental health coverage is often an extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming process, resulting in an additional barrier to services for many families. For this reason, there is an extreme shortage of mental health providers in the state serving these young, multiply impacted children, leaving many families and children who are in crisis to go without these necessary services.

For many, our program represents the family’s last hope. Currently, our Psychology Service provides developmental or psychological testing services to more than 500 patients per year. We are also providing counseling services to a limited number of families dealing with issues such as extreme tantruming, self-injurious behaviors, post-traumatic stress disorder, and severe depression in children. We have seen much success through our therapy program. However, due to limited resources we are not able to come anywhere close to filling the need for therapy services among our patient population.

The current goal of our Psychology Service is to create a Parent-Child Clinic that offers needed services to a very vulnerable population who might otherwise find themselves without support. The Parent-Child Clinic will foster and strengthen the caregiver-child relationship by providing education and therapy to address the various issues that can impact this important bond.

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