The team of pediatric otolaryngology specialists at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health has experience in surgical correction of all pediatric head and neck problems, from common airway disorders such as enlarged tonsils, to more complex neck tumors and congenital malformations.

Airway Disorders & Reconstruction

Whether an airway disorder is a congenital (from birth) defect or the result of trauma, the outcome is a patient’s unnecessary pain and suffering. The team of pediatric otolaryngology specialists at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health has experience treating all types of airway problems, including enlarged tonsils or adenoids, obstruction of the windpipe due to a tissue mass or injury to the windpipe. We offer complete airway reconstruction so patients can breathe more easily. 

Our surgeons are skilled at endoscopic surgical techniques, which give patients the same results as traditional surgery while using smaller incisions and offering faster recovery times.

Tonsillectomy, surgery to remove the tonsils, is the most common type of procedure performed at Riley at IU Health and is typically done at the same time as adenoidectomy, surgery to remove the adenoid glands.

Head and Neck Malformations

An unusual mass found in the head or neck of a child can be alarming. Fortunately, most head and neck masses in children are benign (not cancerous). The pediatric otolaryngology specialists at Riley at IU Health provide thorough evaluation and treatment of all head and neck problems, including:

  • Neck tumors, both benign or (rarely) malignant
  • Congenital (since birth) neck masses
  • Congenital malformations
  • Vascular malformations, including hemangiomas (growth of blood vessels)
  • Lymphatic malformations

All pediatric patients with an abnormal growth in the head or neck should be evaluated. Often benign tumors, cysts and malformations need to be surgically removed in order to avoid continued growth or infection. The otolaryngology team at Riley at IU Health collaborates with pediatric vascular and plastic surgeons in order to provide the very best care for each patient undergoing head or neck surgery. Dr. Bruce Matt is part of a vascular malformations team that includes plastic surgery, dermatology, interventional radiology and ENT specialists.


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