Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health provides comprehensive treatment options for all communicative disorders, including pediatric swallowing disorders and speech delay, language and voice disorders.

Swallowing Disorders

From the moment of birth, an infant must be able to obtain nourishment in order to survive, something that is difficult or impossible without the ability to swallow correctly. Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health offers focused care for premature babies as young as 24 weeks and all children suffering from swallowing disorders. Our dedicated pediatric therapists have advance degrees and extensive experience treating swallowing disorders, from premature infants to adolescents. We provide a range of evaluation and treatment plans to help infants learn to use their muscles, including:

  • Exercises to stimulate the oral cavity
  • Swallow studies to determine how infants swallow and to check for aspiration (taking material into the lung upon swallowing)
  • Tongue stimulation
  • Teaching infants to suck, using a pacifier or nipple

Speech Therapy Program

The dedicated pediatric team at Riley at IU Health recognize that children can suffer from speech delay for a variety of reasons. Our pediatric otolaryngologists, audiologists and speech-language pathologists specialize in helping children with cleft palates, craniofacial anomalies, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders who experience speech disorders and speech delay.  

Our speech program is available through multiple clinics, offering patients with or without additional complex medical problems the speech therapy they need to communicate effectively. A speech-language pathologist will work with your child individually to develop pronunciation and learn to articulate sounds correctly. Speech therapists, otolaryngologists and audiologists work together as a team to perform evaluations and offer treatments that may positively impact your child’s speech progress, including hearing restoration and surgical reconstruction when necessary.


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