Community Outreach Simulation Program

The Community Outreach Simulation Program is designed to help health providers improve the outcomes of newborns requiring resuscitation and stabilization.  It is an onsite training program tailored to the needs of participants and created to make the learning as real as it gets without the risk.


  • Training is geared toward multiprofessional resuscitation teams in their own environment.
  • High fidelity simulation mannequins allow teams and individuals to refine and refresh skills in a realistic setting at no risk to patients.
  • Simulated medical experiences have been recognized by the Institute of Medicine and the Joint Commission as an important training modality to increase patient safety.

Program Overview and Goals

  • The program goal is to improve outcomes of newborns requiring resuscitation and stabilization.
  • The program provides onsite simulation based education sessions to delivery room resuscitation teams.
  • The program can also address other stabilization issues beyond the delivery room.
  • Each educational program is specifically tailored to the needs of the participants.

What specifically will the Outreach Team do on the day of the program?

  • The Outreach Team is a multiprofessional group including MDs, RNs, respiratory therapists and simulation technicians.
  • The Outreach Team brings equipment to conduct simulated medical experiences including high fidelity mannequins, task trainers, and audio/video recording and playback devices.
  • Several high risk delivery room scenarios and skills stations are conducted.
  • Particular emphasis is placed on delivery room technical skills, team communication in a crisis situation, utilization of available resources, and stabilization and management of critically ill newborns until arrival of tertiary care transport teams if transfer is necessary.

Fee Information: 

An IU Health Values Grant supports this program. At this time, there is no fee for one Outreach visit per year. Additional training is available and may require fees.

Additional Training Offered:

The Outreach Program can develop programs to fit your needs. In addition to the Outreach simulations, we also offer the following at The Simulation Center at Fairbanks Hal, IUSM campus, Indianapolis, IN:

  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program
  • Hospital-Based Instructors Courses
  • Regional Trainers Courses
  • Provider Courses
  • Other training/simulations tailored to individual needs

Referrals and Information:

Stephanie Fahner RN, BSN
Outreach Coordinator

Bobbi J. Byrne, MD
Director, Outreach Simulation

699 Riley Hospital Drive, RR 208
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5119
317.944.0231 Office 

IU Health 24/7 Transfer Center