Healthy Habits for a Lifetime

The Right Foods
Use the Food Guide Pyramid. Eat lots from the bottom, less from the middle, and little from the top. Eat more dark-green leafy vegetables, deep-yellow vegetables, fruits, and whole grain products.

The Right Amounts
Serve your child portions that fit the three As: age, appetite, and activity. Be sure your child gets the right amount of milk. Limit the amount of fats and sweets like butter, french fries, potato chips, soft drinks, and candy.

Daily Exercise
Exercise as a family: bike, walk, camp, swim, play ball, visit a playground, fly a kite.

A healthy diet is easy if you eat a variety of foods within a food group, follow the suggested number of servings for each of the five major food groups, and eat portions of a reasonable size. Offering smaller portions and allowing children to ask for more satisfies hunger and does not waste food.