More than 130,000 outpatient visits are made to Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health each year, and the number is growing. The Riley Outpatient Center at Indiana University Health opened on September 5, 2000 so the hospital can provide improved outpatient facilities and consolidated outpatient services.

The Riley Outpatient Center at IU Health is a unique partnership between the Riley Children Foundation and its donors, Indiana University Health, which funded the remaining cost of the facility, and the physicians who have made it such a great success.

"This center is beneficial to children and families," says Richard Schreiner, MD, medical director, pediatrics. "Many of our patients who need to see multiple caregivers can find them all on the same floor. For example, a pulmonary or cardiovascular patient can see the doctor, then have a pulmonary function test, EKG or stress test, all on the same floor. Here, they not only can get it all in one building, but in many cases, even on one floor."

Children First

The needs of the children were the first consideration throughout the planning and design process. The Riley Outpatient Center at IU Health's design focuses on the coordination of services and multi-disciplinary centers, so that patient visits are organized, convenient, accessible and comfortable. Visits to the various medical specialty areas resemble visits to private practice offices; in many cases, only a few steps away from related service areas.

Developing such a patient-friendly facility was a long, thoughtful process. It was eight years in the planning before construction began in 1998.

Several physicians spent "hundreds of hours of work in studying, evaluating and planning this facility," says Schreiner.

Involved from the beginning—he wrote the initial program statement—Howard Eigen, MD, medical director, ambulatory care, has been dedicated to making the Riley Outpatient Center at IU Health clinically relevant. He and his committee stress making the facility function as part of the programs, not making the programs fit into the facility. "In planning it, we evaluated the programs and then built and designed the building around the programs. The Riley Outpatient Center at IU Health makes our medical care better; it is actually part of the programs," explains Eigen.

Unmatched Facility

The Riley Outpatient Center at IU Health is unmatched anywhere in the Midwest, and is a symbol of the commitment of Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, IU Health and the IU School of Medicine to continue to provide exceptional care for children. The Riley Outpatient Center at IU Health is clearly one of the largest and best such centers in the country.

The 250,000-square foot building is located at the intersection of West and Middle drives.

Contact and Referral Information

To make an appointment with the Riley Outpatient Center at IU Health, or to refer a patient, please contact us at the number listed below.

Phone: 317.944.2066
Toll-Ffree: 800.248.1199 and ask for the Outpatient Center

Riley Outpatient Center
575 Riley Hospital Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5225