The Riley Outpatient Center (the ROC) opened in September 2000 and is now visited by over 150,000 children and their families each year.  Twenty seven pediatric sub-specialty physician groups and eight diagnostic and procedural areas provide care in the ROC every day.  Ten other supporting departments, such as Occupational and Physical Therapy, provide therapies and support to patients and physicians as well.  The combination of multiple specialists, disciplines and diagnostic capabilities within one building enables children to receive multi-disciplinary and multi-specialty care within one setting and often, one day.  The entire staff, from nurses to environmental services, is skilled in the care of children and dedicated to making a difference for children and their families every day. 

The Riley Outpatient Center contains Indiana’s only solely pediatric Motility Center and Continence Center providing state of the art diagnostic capabilities and therapies to children with gastrointestinal and urologic conditions.  The Radiology department has Indiana’s only EOS system, for assessment of children with scoliosis using very low dose radiation, and the only Indianapolis area SPECT-CT scanner which provides very specific, detailed images and aids in the care of children with cancer.    

The ROC is also the home of the Indiana’s first Safety Store, a concept that has spread in children’s hospitals throughout the country.  The Safety Store provides safety equipment of all kinds at a very economical price, and parent education on how to use the equipment to ensure their children’s safety. 

The Outpatient Center is located at 705 Riley Hospital Drive.  Patients and families should park in the Simon Family Tower garage for reduced parking rates.