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The Pediatric Ophthalmologists at Riley Hospital for Children Opthalmology at Indiana University Health based in Indianapolis, Indiana are nationally and internationally renowned authorities in the medical and surgical treatment of eye diseases in children. Our mission is to give efficient, cost-effective, and friendly care to patients with common and unusual eye disorders. Patients and their families can easily access our pediatric ophthalmologists by self-referral or by referral from other physicians, optometrists, and health care providers.

Our child eye doctors provide secondary and tertiary eye care as part of a state-wide network, Eye Care Indiana, that offers services from refractions and eye check-ups to sophisticated diagnostic and surgical procedures.


If you live in Indiana, we probably trained your ophthalmologist. Our residency training program is the only ophthalmology residency training program in the state. As such, we taught about half of Indiana's ophthalmologists.

Through our facility, our program's graduates, and continuing medical education, we are contributing to our citizens' health and well-being. We also train all medical students in the IU School of Medicine to recognize eye diseases as primary care providers and medical specialists.



Our faculty physicians and scientists perform clinical and basic science research in several areas of vision and ophthalmology. Examples of clinical research areas are: new drugs to treat glaucoma; new therapies for macular degeneration; improvement in diagnosing neurologic diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease; treatment of neurological diseases, such as Parkinson's disease; and treatment of strabismus. The basic science research areas include: molecular biology of the chemical cycle of vision; neurophysiology of eye movements; and physiology of blood flow in the eye.

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Call 317.944.5000
Ask for the Ophthalmologist/Eye Doctor on call.

Insight Optical Shop:
Call 317.944.8389

To make an appointment or a referral contact:
Pediatric Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus Clinic
Riley Outpatient Center, Room 3340
575 Riley Hospital Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Toll Free: 1.877.224.8393
Phone: 317.274.4416
Fax: 317.274.1111

You will be contacted by return mail or by phone.

Information we need to know:

Full name
Daytime phone number with area code
Medical problem/reason for the appointment/referral
Date of birth, if known
You may also write:
Department of Ophthalmology
Indiana University School of Medicine
702 Rotary Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5175