Department of Pediatrics 

The Translational Research and Integrated Biology Lab (TRῙB) is located in the Children’s Clinical Research Center (CCRC).

705 Riley Hospital Dr. RI 2606
Laboratory #2641
Indianapolis IN 46202
Telephone:  317.278.3035

Lab Manager Contact Information:

Jenny Then (Glassburn), MS
Telephone:  317.278.3035

Scientific Directors for Translational Research and Integrated Biology:

Jamie Renbarger, MD MS - Laboratory
Mark Rigby, MD, PhD - Laboratory
Scott Denne, MD - Clinical

If you are interested in using the Translational Research and Integrated Biology Lab (TRῙB), the first step is to fill out and submit a consultation form.  After the initial consultation, we will work up the design and discuss further.  Method Development as well as research supplies and reagents may be necessary prior to running samples.

TRIB will need at least 2 weeks for consultation with Primary Investigator (PI)I, researching platforms/technologies/reagents, and co-designing strategy.