Research studies are done to see how safe and how well something works. Research can be for a medicine, a therapy or a device used to treat a specific disease.

Participants in studies play a more active role in their own health care. They are able to receive treatments not yet available to others with the same medical condition. Their participation in these studies help develop the new treatments and get these therapies approved for use in others with the same condition.

All studies have certain guidelines that state whether someone can be in a study or not. Before participating in a study, these guidelines are completely reviewed by the Primary Investigator (physician) and the study coordinator with the participant before any study procedures are done. If you start a study and decide you don’t want to continue, that is ok. There can be certain benefits for being in a study, such as you will be seen by the doctor more often for care. Other benefits depend on the study and are discussed with you before you agree to be in the study. There can also be some risks with a study, those are also discussed with you before the study is started.

The study visits are completed here in the Cardiopulmonary MSA in the Riley Outpatient Center at Indiana University Health. This is across the hall from Riley Pulmonology at IU Health

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If you are interested in participating in a study, please contact us at 317.944.3604.