Data generated by the resource is kept on a secure server with access to personnel only.  Data or information (verbal and/or electronic) are not shared with any outside parties. We treat all information received from our investigators as confidential and privileged. Unless authorized by the investigator, we will not disclose, copy, distribute or share data. The Principal Investigator (PI) will have ultimate control over any public disclosure of the scientific results generated in the shared resource; however, we ask that you abide by the acknowledgement, authorship and collaboration policies addressed below.  Protocols and assays developed as part of a study will be the property of Translational Research and Integrated Biology Lab (TRῙB)/Department of Pediatrics and will not be considered "confidential."

Conflict resolution

If a resolution cannot be reached at the Lab Manager level, the issue will be taken to the scientific directors.

Cost recovery/payment policy

If recovery of payment becomes an issue, the Department of Pediatrics financial office will contact the investigator and/or their department to collect charges owed. If there is a dispute in charges, the conflict resolution policy above will be followed.

Prioritization of work

Department of Pediatric investigators have full access to services provided by the TRῙB. Investigators planning to use the TRῙB must fill out the consultation form.  Projects enter the queue upon receipt of the consultation form.  Priority will be given to users with internal pilot or external peer reviewed grant funding.  Higher priority will also be given those investigators using other services of TRῙB.  TRῙB will maintain confidentiality of patient information as required per HIPAA regulations.

TRῙB will need at least 2 weeks for consultation with PI, researching platforms/technologies/reagents, and co-designing strategy.

Acknowledgement, authorship and collaboration

All research work performed by the TRῙB should be acknowledged in all ensuing publications. Fees paid for services provided by TRῙB should not negate the potential of co-authorship by TRῙB scientists. These acknowledgements and achievements are important for the existence and continued funding of the TRῙB. Given that many validation procedures and TRῙB offered services require advanced intellectual involvement by TRῙB scientists, it is expected that this acknowledgement will be in the form of co-authorship according to the guidelines for authorship recommended by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.  When a research and intellectual contribution of TRῙB personnel is of little consequence in your work, co-authorship is not required but citations of TRῙB in grants and acknowledgement of the collaboration with TRῙB is requested.  At a minimum, we need to review the final draft of any manuscript prior to its submission to ascertain proper authorship and acknowledgements.

Suggested text is noted below and we recognize that the acknowledgment may be modified to satisfy specific journal policies:  

“This [(publication was made possible) (project was supported), or (project was funded)], in part, with support from the Translational Research and Integrated Biology Resource (TRῙB) at Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics and in part through a NCRR American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant (RFA-RR-09-007 - Recovery Act Limited Competition: Core Facility Renovation, Repair, and Improvement) to support pediatric patient oriented research. The project described was supported by Award Number G20RR031063 from the National Center for Research Resources. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Center for Research Resources or the National Institutes of Health."

Please inform the TRῙB or Mary Murray (memurray@iu.edu317.278.4956) when data generated using our service results in a publication or a grant award so that we can use it to justify the continued funding for this facility.