In April 2010, Indiana University and Riley Hospital for Children was awarded a NCRR American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant.  The funding enabled the renovation of 18500 GSF bench laboratory space into a physical home for pediatric research activities. The Children’s Clinical Research Center (CCRC) is the flagship pediatric research facility located in Riley Hospital for Children.  It is the primary site for most of the pediatric patient oriented research done at Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics and within the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. The CCRC is having a transformative effect on a multitude of levels of studying both healthy children and those with a variety disease states. Investigators, coordinators and other skilled personnel process and analyze pediatric clinical samples near the point of collection via the Translational Research and Integrative Biology (TRῙB) lab facility. 

The TRῙB lab facility is housed within the CCRC. Development of this laboratory allows investigators the means of performing important correlative laboratory assays in clinical trials to help achieve translational research endpoints.   Pathophysiological mechanisms of disease and the benefits of treatment intervention strategies requires the use of sophisticated and oftentimes very expensive technologies that are beyond the reach of many investigators, especially new investigators and investigators without a lab. TRῙB provides researchers a means of measuring and quantitating the level of molecular targets from specimens obtained from patients enrolled in clinical trials.   Flexible multi-faceted but equipped bench lab space is available for the support needed for specific studies using skilled personnel and state-of-the art equipment (e.g. SNP, Proteomics, Sequencing, Genomics/DNA, Transcriptomics/RNA, ELISA’s, etc.). TRῙB works together with a range of existing pediatrics laboratory programs as well as established core capabilities around the Indiana University School of Medicine and Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute to create a collaborative, quantitative and integrated biological approach to pediatric translational research.  The dialogue between scientists and physicians is of critical importance for translational research to be successful, and we have tremendous strengths in basic research at the Wells Center for Pediatric Research, Children’s Health Services Research, and pediatric pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine along with the rich clinical environment within Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. Collaborative, translational research allows us to accelerate the translation of research findings to clinical implementation. Having this infrastructure with seamless collaboration, data sharing and data integration will the complex and underlying causes and outcomes of pediatric disease be revealed, and effective prevention, early detection and personalized treatments be realized.