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A biopsy (tissue sample) is used to diagnose or monitor certain gastrointestinal problems. Common gastrointestinal biopsies are:

Percutaneous Liver Biopsy

A liver biopsy will allow the physician to examine a small piece of liver tissue for injury or damage to the organ. A few days before the procedure, the patient will need to have blood tests. The test is done under anesthesia using a thin biopsy needle. The child is observed for several hours or overnight after the procedure.

Rectal Suction Biopsy

This procedure can be done in clinic and does not require sedation. A small instrument inserted into the rectum takes a small painless biopsy (tissue sample).

Rectal Punch Biopsy

This procedure is done under anesthesia and obtains a larger rectal biopsy (tissue sample).

Diseases or Conditions

The following diseases or conditions may require one or more forms of biopsy.

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