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Breath Tests

H. Pylori Testing

H. Pylori, a bacteria that can infect the stomach and cause ulcers, can be diagnosed using a breath test in which the child is asked to drink a special solution and breathe into a small tube at several timed intervals. H. pylori may also be diagnosed during endoscopic examination from a biopsy of the stomach.

Lactose Intolerance Testing

The hydrogen breath test measures the amount of hydrogen in a person's breath. Your child will be asked to breathe into a balloon-type container to get a baseline reading. Next your child will be asked to drink a flavored liquid that contains lactose. Breath samples will be collected at set time periods to test if the hydrogen level in the breath changes. If your child's body has trouble breaking down lactose, the hydrogen level in their breath will increase. Your child should not eat eight hours before the test.

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