Our team is among the most experienced in the nation at treating urinary and genital conditions in children. By offering understanding and reassurance, we provide a high level of comfort for children with all kinds of urologic conditions and take time to earn children’s and their parents’ trust.

We offer the unique combination of clinical expertise and educational ability in all of our services. We take time to educate families about their child’s urologic condition and the treatments needed to correct or manage the condition.


While our team’s experience extends across the full range of urologic conditions and treatments, we offer particularly qualified care in six areas:

Children’s Continence Center

Urinary incontinence is emotionally stressful and can lead to social exclusion. The Children’s Continence Center is dedicated to promoting healthy bladder habits for children with urinary incontinence.

Clinic for Young Adults with Congenital Urologic Conditions (Transitional Clinic)

Children who have had congenital diseases of the urinary tract and extensive urologic surgery grow up! In adulthood many find that local urologists are unfamiliar with their medical needs. Clinic for Young Adults with Congenital Urologic Conditions supports these teens and young adults with medical care uniquely suited to their reconstructed urogenital tracts.

Prenatal Clinic

Some serious urologic conditions can be diagnosed before birth, using ultrasound. Our prenatal services specialize in treating mothers and infants with these conditions.

Spina Bifida Clinic

This multidisciplinary clinic allows patients to schedule appointments with multiple specialists in a single day, including urology, neurosurgery, orthopedics and developmental pediatrics. Nutritional support and brace/orthotic services can also be scheduled during this same visit.

KIDS Clinic (Kidney Stone)

Both pediatric urologists and pediatric nephrologists manage children with kidney stones, this clinic provides a one-stop shop for children and family to meet with both specialists. Pediatric urologists treat kidney stones, while pediatric nephrologists help prevent the formation of stones.

Disorders of Sexual Differentiation Clinic

For children—even infants—with ambiguous genitalia, we provide intensive treatment and surgical reconstruction at the Disorders of Sexual Differentiation Clinic. In this clinic, we have doctors and support staff with extensive combined experience treating these complex conditions.