We do all we can to make you and your child comfortable during your appointment at Riley Hospital for Children Ophthalmology at Indiana University Health.

After you register at the front desk, you and your child will be shown back to an examining room as soon as possible. One of our staff doctors or an ophthalmology technician will then ask about your child’s history of symptoms and any medical care he or she may have had before.

An ophthalmologist will then examine your child’s eyes and test his or her vision. After this first examination, the doctor will probably put drops in your child’s eyes and have you wait about a half hour for the pupils to dilate (meaning the black part at the center of the eye will widen).

When your child’s eyes are dilated, the ophthalmologist will do a second exam in which he or she can look more closely at the inside of the eye.

Registration Forms

Save time at the doctor’s office by downloading our registration forms, filling them out and bringing them with you.

The forms include directions and a map.