Insulin — If your child takes insulin, consult your diabetic Doctor before surgery to determine what adjustments need to be made to their medications.

Supplements — If your child is taking any supplements such as herbs, discontinue their use for two weeks before any surgery.

Personal Preparation — Nail polish, contact lenses, tampons and all jewelry, including body piercings, must be removed.

Parking — Please park in the Simon Family Tower.  Registration will provide a parking pass to the parents on the day of surgery. Visitors can park in the Riley Outpatient Center for a fee.

Food Options — Parents will need to provide your own meals. There is a cafeteria, a deli, the Red Wagon Café, and other dining options.  Ask the receptionist in the  Family Surgery Lounge for a list of hospital dinning and delivery.  

Overnight Lodging — You have been provided with a hospital and campus map.  We have also compiled a list of resources for overnight lodging that provides addresses and phone numbers for local hotels. Many of these have special rates for patients of Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. If you are having problems finding a place to stay, please call Social Work at 317.944.8312.

The Riley Hospital for Children also hosts a Ronald McDonald House on its campus. For more information, please call 317.269.2247.

Car Seats — If your child is under the age of 8 or weighs less than 80 pounds, you will need an appropriate car seat to take him/her home. If your child is expected to have casts after surgery, you may need a special seat. Your surgeon's office can make arrangements for this before the day of surgery.

Driving — If you are old enough to drive and have been given a general anesthetic or sedation, you cannot drive a motor vehicle for a minimum of 24 hours after anesthetic. You will need to have a licensed driver accompany you to the hospital and drive you home.

Blood Work/X-rays — If your surgeon has asked you to have blood work or x-rays done before surgery, they can be done at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health or your local laboratory. If tests are done locally, please be sure the Riley Pre Post Care Unit has the results before the surgery. Results can be faxed to the numbers listed below. It is always helpful to ask for an additional copy of the results to bring with you on the day of surgery.

Contact Information

If you need to contact Riley Main Day Surgery, please use one of the numbers listed below.

Phone 317.944.8634
Fax 317.948.2856

If you need to contact the ROC Surgery, LLC at IU Health Ambulatory Surgery Center, please use one of the numbers listed below.

Phone 317.948.1511
Fax 317.948.1515

Blood Donation

Your doctor will decide if it is necessary to have blood available for your child's surgery.

The surgeon's office will need to coordinate this donation with the blood center that you choose.

Your child may be able to donate his/her own blood depending on age and health history. This is called Autologous Blood and your doctor will let you know if your child can do this. Blood can be stored for up to 45 days, and 90 days if it is frozen. It must be donated at least one week before a scheduled surgery.

If your child cannot donate, then you may decide to have selected people donate blood for your child. This is called Directed Donor Blood and your doctor will let you know if this can be done for your child. This blood must be donated at least a week before the surgery date.

These special blood donations can be difficult. You must call your blood center three days after a scheduled donation to check if the blood was accepted. It may be necessary to ask for more donors during this process. You will need to let your surgeon know if you have blood available. Also, please tell the nurse who calls the day before surgery.

You can call the Central Indiana Regional Blood Center to schedule donations at 317.916.5290 or 800.632.4722. They can help answer any of your questions.

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