A nurse will call to give you instructions 1 – 2 days before the surgery date. This phone call will include information about the following:

Diet Instructions

  • It is very important to follow these exactly as they are given. If they are not followed, the surgery may be delayed or cancelled. Eating or drinking too close to the surgery increases the risk of vomiting stomach contents into the lungs. This may cause pneumonia, lung damage, or even death.
  • If you do not understand these instructions or have questions, please call the appropriate surgery center at the numbers listed below. If these instructions are not followed, the surgery/procedure will be cancelled.
  • Clear liquids are limited to water, apple juice, Gatorade and Pedialyte; no Jello or Jello water.

Arrival Time

  • You will be requested to arrive earlier than your scheduled surgery time. This allows us plenty of time to be sure that you and your child will be ready for surgery. All patients will see a nurse, a surgeon and an anesthesiologist prior to their procedure. A Child Life Specialist is available if your child needs support to prepare for surgery. Also, any pre-surgery tests that are needed may be done at this time. The scheduled surgery time is only an estimate and may change due to emergencies or procedures lasting longer or shorter than scheduled.

Please Tell Your Nurse If:

  • Your child has had tests done outside of Riley Hospital for Children and if you have a copy of the results.
  • Blood has been donated for the surgery.
  • Your child’s doctor has given your child special diet instructions or treatments.
  • Your child is going to need special equipment at discharge, such as an apnea monitor, car seat, or crutches.
  • Your child is taking any medication. This includes any over-the counter medicines, herbs or as needed medicines. The nurse will need to know the name, the dosage ordered, how often the medicine is taken, and when it was last given. Your phone nurse will tell you what medicines to take before the procedure.
  • Your child develops a cold, persistent cough, flu symptoms or fever. Please contact your physician, or us, before coming to the hospital.
  • Your child has any allergies.
  • Your child has been exposed to a contagious disease (measles, mumps, Chicken Pox) within the past three weeks. Please notify your surgeon and the nurse who calls you before the procedure.
  • If you would like to use our Retail Pharmacy to have your scripts filled before leaving the hospital. 
  • Your child has any special sensory concerns.
  • Your child is ill. Please consult your doctor before coming to the hospital.

If you have not received a call by 1 pm the day before, please call about when to arrive, important diet restrictions, and to ask questions about your child's health history.

Phone Numbers

If you need to contact Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health Main Day Surgery, please call the number listed below.

Phone 317.944.8634

If you need to contact ROC Surgery, LLC at IU Health Ambulatory Surgery, please call the number listed below.

Phone 317.948.1511

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