What to Bring to the Hospital

When you come to the hospital on the day of surgery, please bring:

  • An extra set of loose fitting clothes.
  • Any medical supplies you use at home, such as G tube tubing and adapters, special formulas, extra trach tubes, special bottle or nipple, sippy cup, or prescribed medications in their original container.
  • A favorite toy or blanket. Children may bring an mp3 player, CD/DVD player, etc. with earphones. Please be sure it is well marked with the child's name.

When You Arrive at the Hospital

You will be assigned to a small room, where you will need to wait until it is time for your child's surgery. The doctors and nurses will meet with you in your room. When your child is ready, a surgical nurse will come out to meet you. The nurse will be wearing surgical scrubs and a paper hat. Your child will either walk, be carried, or ride in a wagon, in a wheelchair or on a stretcher to the Operating Room.

The rooms have limited seating, and we ask that only two people accompany the patient. You should plan to be here most of the day. We also ask you not to bring any other children with you.


Safety is one of our main concerns. The surgical procedure and site will be verified with you before surgery. The doctor, patient, or family member will mark the site if it involves either left or right.

Before Surgery

The anesthesiologist, your nurse and child life will work with you to help your child be comfortable going to surgery. The Child Life Specialist will assess your child's level of anxiety and understanding of their procedure, address any fears or concerns and help best prepare your child for surgery. If needed, your child may be given a medicine to drink to cause drowsiness before surgery. It will also help make it easier for them when they are ready to go to the Operating Room. This will be given about 15 minutes before the surgery. At this point, the child will need to lie down, stay in a wagon or on your lap. We also ask you to keep the room calm and quiet for them.

When the surgical nurse takes your child to surgery, they will let you know where you need to wait. The Family Surgery Lounge is also located on the second floor. After your child has been taken to surgery, please be sure to check in with the receptionist in the waiting area. After checking in it is a good time for you to go get something to eat or drink. However, we ask that you do not leave the hospital and that you notify the receptionist if you are leaving the waiting area.

If your daughter has started menses (is having periods), she will be asked to give us a urine sample for a pregnancy test. This is required by her Anesthesiologist for her safety while under Anesthesia.

During Surgery

The Surgery Family Lounge is wireless so feel free to use your cell phones or computers in this area. After checking in with the receptionist you may leave the Surgery Waiting Area to get something to eat. Be sure to either take a pager or leave a cell phone number. This is important if the surgeon needs to talk to you during surgery. The Family Support Nurse will be making rounds frequently between the Operating Room, the Recovery Room and the Surgery Waiting Area to keep you informed of your child's surgery and progress. Updates will be given every one to two hours on your child's progress throughout surgery and waking up in the Recovery Room. We ask that families remain on campus during surgery.

Phone Numbers

If you need to contact Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health Main Day Surgery, please call the number listed below.

Phone 317.944.8634

If you need to contact ROC Surgery, LLC at IU Health Ambulatory Surgery, please call the number listed below.

Phone 317.948.1511

Directions to the Surgery Suites

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