If your child is staying overnight following surgery, this is considered an admission and your child will go to a patient care unit when he/she leaves the Recovery Room.

If your child is going home after surgery, your child is an outpatient and will go back to Pre Post Care Unit.

Before you leave for home, the Post Care nurse will go over your home care instruction sheet and answer any questions. Please ask your nurse to provide you with an excuse for work or school if needed.

Prescriptions for medications may be filled at the Indiana University Health Retail Pharmacy at Riley Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 5 pm.

You will be given a satisfaction questionnaire to fill out. Please drop off in the box indicated when you leave or mail it back to us. We appreciate your feedback.

The morning after your child's surgery, you will receive a follow-up telephone call from a nurse. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have following surgery.

When to notify your physician:

Please notify your physician if your child:

  • Has a fever greater than 101°.
  • Experiences persistent nausea or vomiting.
  • Has excessive bleeding or swelling.
  • Experiences difficulty breathing
  • Has any other unusual symptoms

We have a Surgery nurse available 24 hours a day at 317.944.8634, or you may call your surgeon's office during their office hours. If the office is not open, you may call 317.944.5000 and ask for the surgeon's resident on call.

Phone Numbers

If you need to contact Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health Main Day Surgery, please call the number listed below.

Phone 317.944.8634

If you need to contact ROC Surgery, LLC at IU Health Ambulatory Surgery, please call the number listed below.

Phone 317.948.1511

Location(s) Offering Surgery Services