We want your child to have a safe surgery experience with good results. To ensure your child’s safety, we always:

  • Wash our hands.
    We will clean our hands before and after touching your child. Doing this is the best way to stop the spread of infection.
  • Check your child’s name and armband.
    Many people will ask you or your child to state their name and birth date. We will check this information with their armband frequently. We do this to make sure we are doing the correct procedure on the right patient.
  • Verify your child’s procedure and mark the surgical site.
    We will ask you to tell us what procedure you think your child is having to make sure we are doing the correct one. One of the physicians will mark the site if it involves the right or left side. This will make sure the surgery is done on the correct side of the body.
  • Perform a pregnancy test on all girls who have started their periods.
    This may seem like an unusual request, especially for younger girls, but anesthesia drugs can have a bad effect on any unborn baby, and we want to avoid this.
  • Give a sedative, if indicated.
    If we think your child may be anxious about going to the operating room, we will give them a sedative by mouth called Versed. This drug can cause your child to become very drowsy and disoriented. Once it is given, we will need your help to keep your child safe by holding them or by having them lie on a stretcher.
  • Give antibiotics, if indicated.
    Your child may be given antibiotics while they are in the operating room. This will help prevent infection.
  • Monitor your child’s temperature.
    Your child's temperature will be monitored during the operation and in the Recovery Room. This will help us catch any problems early.
  • Monitor blood sugar, if indicated.
    If your child is a diabetic, we will check their blood sugar in the operating room and the recovery room. We will ask you the result of their morning check.

Phone Numbers

If you need to contact Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health Main Day Surgery, please call the number listed below.

Phone 317.944.8634

If you need to contact ROC Surgery, LLC at IU Health Ambulatory Surgery, please call the number listed below.

Phone 317.948.1511

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