Clinic for Young Adults with Congenital Urologic Conditions

The field of urology has been making great strides, improving and saving the lives of children with congenital conditions who previously could not be helped. Today, most children with congenital conditions become independent, healthy adults, however lifelong follow up is often necessary to maintain good health. Many of these children have had surgeries that have altered the urogenital system to preserve renal function, continence or to improve future sexual and reproductive function. As they become adults and move beyond the range of pediatric care, they may find that adult urologists may not know how to treat them. At Riley Hospital for Children we have created clinic to help manage the grown up “pediatric” urology patient. 

We developed a first-of-its-kind clinic to provide continuity of care that’s specific to the particular needs of each young adult. We provide your child and your family with understanding and familiarity. The care you or your child receives remains familiar and collaborative to continue the success you ‘ve had as pediatric patients. Care at the Clinic for Young Adults with Congenital Urologic Conditions is available to you or your child on into adulthood.

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