Sleep Disorders

At Indiana University Health, our physicians diagnose problems that affect sleep quality and find solutions to improve sleep. Our sleep medicine doctors create a comprehensive treatment plan to address the causes behind your sleep problems and teach you proper sleep hygiene. Depending on your needs, you may be referred to a specialist who can help with an underlying medical condition or see a sleep psychologist.

Our physicians conduct advanced research into sleep disorders through our partnership with the Indiana University School of Medicine. This research gives you access to leading edge care and treatment, so you can return to healthy, restful sleep.

The Sleep Disorders Center at Indiana University Health Saxony Hospital is staffed by experienced physicians who are board certified in sleep medicine, and registered technologists specializing in the treatment of sleep disorders. Our facility is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology to monitor sleep patterns, breathing, brainwaves, heart activity, and eye and muscle movements. 

The doctors and staff at the Sleep Disorders Center at IU Health Saxony Hospital can effectively diagnose and treat a number of sleep disorders including:

If you suffer from falling asleep at inappropriate times or have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you may have a sleep disorder. 

Sleep Studies

Your doctor can help determine if you may have a sleep disorder and should be tested. He or she can make a referral to the Sleep Disorders Center at IU Health Saxony Hospital. We offer comprehensive sleep tests to diagnose and treat patients 15 years of age and older. We work with your schedule by offering both daytime and nighttime testing. 

Among the most common sleep tests include:

  • Polysomnography (PSG). A sleep test that monitors your breathing
  • Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT). An all-day sleep test to evaluate how quickly you fall asleep during five 20-minute naps
  • Maintenance wakefulness test (MWT). A sleep test completed during your normal wakeful time. It measures how quickly you fall asleep

The Sleep Disorders Center at IU Health Saxony Hospital conducts sleep studies and testing in a soothing, home-like environment. It features private rooms that include a flat-screen TV, DVD player and a private, handicap-accessible bathroom with a shower. After your sleep study, we invite you to enjoy a complimentary meal in our Crossings Café. 

Sleep Apnea Education Center

The Indiana University Health Sleep Apnea Education Center provides licensed, experienced respiratory therapists dedicated to helping patients who have been diagnosed with this condition. Located within the IU Health Saxony Hospital Sleep Disorders Center, this nonprofit, hospital-based department sets high standards of care for our patients.

At our IU Health Sleep Apnea Education Center, patients are paired up with one respiratory therapist who follows them during their course of treatment.

Our treatment options include:

  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)
  • Auto-adjusting CPAP
  • Bi-level positive airway pressure (Bi-level)
  • Auto servo ventilation (ASL)

For patients who choose to wear a CPAP mask, our licensed respiratory therapists meet with you one-on-one to provide proper fitting and training to ensure you have the best mask fit. We provide a variety of equipment and masks; you may exchange your mask within 30 days for any reason.

The respiratory therapists follow up with you at 24 – 72 hours, two weeks, 30 days and as needed after 30 days. Our team is dedicated to ensuring quality care for every patient.