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Dr. Donald Smith, MD

Board certified Family Medicine

Dr. Smith has been a physician for two decades and combines his Texas Tech medical degree with a Masters in Theology from the International Seminary in Plymouth, Fla. Practicing most recently at First Health Care in Bloomington while serving as the director of medical missions for Evangelistic Faith Missions, he brings both urgent and primary care experience to French Lick. He is board certified in Family Practice medicine and fluent in both English and Spanish.

Brenda Painter, NP

Board certified NP - National Certification Corporation

Education: Indiana University
Practicing Since: 2004

Q: What prompted you to enter the medical field?
I was married at 15 and by the time I was 17, I had my second child. No one educated me on what I needed to know. I take special care with young teenagers who become pregnant. I think I can make a difference in their lives.

Q: Who has been your greatest influence in life?
It was probably my grandfather. He had 16 children and did an excellent job of raising them and showing guidance to me and my 61 first cousins. He was strong; he built his own home; he was a brick layer; he took care of all of us. The family (of whom many reside in the French Lick area) are very close.

Q: What do you read or listen to for inspiration?
I read a lot of medical stuff and on the lighter side, I do crafts. I’m on Pinterest a lot. I also like to collect composition dolls – the ones from the 1930s are my favorite. My husband collects old toy trucks, so I set my dolls in the trucks. And we live in a log home in Bedford, so it all works together.

Q: When you are not working, what occupies your time?
I like to work in the yard. We have giant Flemish bunnies, Nigerian dwarf goats, chickens and ducks. We live out in the woods and I like to grow wild flowers.

Q: As a medical provider, what is one healthy practice you live by?
Eat healthy, exercise and have preventative care checkups. Take care of those things that can really destroy your life. There are a lot of implications for not doing preventative care.