Educational Materials

The pediatricians at Riley Physicians have a strong focus on education and ensuring that parents have the resources available when they have questions about their child's health.  The nurses and physicians at the office are available by phone and always have time to answer questions during scheduled appointments, but we know sometimes you may need resources or have questions when we're not available.  We hope the information below will help answer some questions and provide guidance as you care for your kids.

Your Baby's Health Guide

Your Baby's Health Guide is a quick reference for parents of newborns, infants, toddlers and young children.  It provides information on newborn care, including feeding and frequently asked questions by new parents, how to care for minor illnesses and injuries at home and when to call the doctor, and safety tips.  You'll receive a copy of this when you see your pediatrician, but we've also made it available online here for easy reference.


Adolescent Health

Adolescent Health is a guide for parents of older kids and teens.  The guide covers everything from the physical changes your child will be experiencing to diet and exercise, peer pressure and smoking.  Our pediatricians have written this as a guide for your children so it's easy to read and relevant to them.  There's even a chapter called "The care of your parents."  You'll receive a copy of this from your pediatrician, but it's also available here for reference and download.


Well visit health guides

Ever wonder what new milestones your child should be ready for?  Or, what to expect in the next year as your child nears his birthday?  Our well visit health guides will help you know what you expect at each stage of your child's growth.  During your well visits, your pediatrician will provide these to you for your child's specific age, and you can also access them here at any time.


Health Library

Our online health library has links to news, articles, interactive health quizzes and a variety of child (and adult) health information.


Other online resources

Click each topic below to expand and view links to other websites that contain important children's health information.  All of the links below have been reviewed and recommended by our pediatricians.