Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
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Patient Stories

Lindsey Maurer: Septo-Rhinoplasty

Injured in a sporting accident at a young age, Lindsey Maurer always suffered from nasal breathing problems. “A softball hit me in the face really hard and it deviated my septum and caused cosmetic damage,” she says. “If I was congested, I couldn’t breathe well through my nose and had to only breathe through my mouth.”

Even though Lindsey saw an ENT following her injury, her nose wasn’t broken so no repair was made at that time. In 2000, she sought cosmetic rhinoplasty but did not realize at the time that she also needed septoplasty to repair a deviated septum. “Dr. Shipchandler gave me all the options; he asked me exactly what I was looking for and told me how he would go about doing the surgery.”

“From the very beginning, my experience was wonderful and the team made me feel at ease,” she says. “Dr. Shipchandler explained everything to me in detail and answered all my questions. The facility where he operates is phenomenal and the people there were amazing. After the procedure, Dr. Shipchandler called me on a Sunday to see how I was doing and left his cell phone number.”

Following her surgery, Lindsey is amazed at how well she can breathe. “I have more confidence now. I’m not so self-conscious about my nose being crooked, either. And I can breathe so much better. Everything is so much better,” she says. “Every part of my experience was perfect.”

John Gray: Facial Reanimation Surgery

Almost 20 years after having surgery and radiation therapy to treat a skull-based glomus tumor, John Gray noticed some strange symptoms. “I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror and thought I’d had a stroke.” As it happened, John experienced gradual, progressive and ultimately total left-sided facial paralysis. The result was not only an altered appearance, but also difficulty speaking and eating.

“Dr. Shipchandler did a marvelous job on me,” says John. “He took some nerves and tendons out of my lower leg and transferred them to my face.” Following surgery, John has recovered voluntary movement of the left side of his face, can open and close his eyes and mouth and is able to speak more clearly. In addition, he is happy to have his smile back. “I never could smile on that side anyway, after the first surgery to remove the tumor, even before my facial paralysis. Thanks to Dr. Shipchandler, now I can smile a little on that side.”

The surgery has changed John’s life for the better, getting him back to the life he loves. Retired from a full career in higher education, including professor of educational leadership at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, John enjoys spending time with his wife, Sue, and their two black labs. He credits Dr. Shipchandler with getting his life back. “I’ve never run into a doctor like him before,” says John. “He’s so concerned and caring. He calls me at home just to check and see how I’m doing.”