Team Approach to Sports Medicine

Athletes today must take advantage of every opportunity to perform at ever increasing levels of competition. Indiana University Health Physicians and Methodist Sports Medicine enjoy a strong relationship that is redefining sports medicine and athletic performance. It is our mission to maximize the potential in every athlete−whether professional athletes or weekend warriors−and decrease the potential for injury during athletic activity.

Indianapolis area high schools are following the example set by collegiate and pro teams when it comes to caring for young athletes and ensuring they have access to the right team to help them reach their potential. We work through numerous associations with area coaches, athletic directors and local sports clubs to provide constant care for athletes. We provide on-site evaluations and develop individual treatment plans to prevent or rehabilitate injuries. Additionally, IU Health physicians and Methodist Sports Medicine fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons are on-site during games to provide urgent care if an injury occurs.

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Working Together

Local high schools are following the example set by collegiate and pro teams when it comes to caring for young athletes and ensuring they have access to the right medical team to help them reach their potential. Parents can be assured their children are receiving the best care from two nationally recognized entities. The same highly skilled, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons that take care of the Indianapolis Colts also care for athletes at several Indianapolis area high schools.

By choosing to work with IU Health Physicians and Methodist Sports Medicine, each high school provides their student athletes access to an IU Health primary care physician and a Methodist Sports Medicine fellowship-trained orthopedic specialist. The two collaborate to provide injury prevention and care to student athletes for acute and chronic injuries and illnesses, by providing injury evaluations and developing individual treatment plans to prevent or rehabilitate injuries. At some of the high schools, strength coaches also collaborate with the team to help student athletes optimize their athletic potential and improve their athletic performance in a safe and healthy manner.

The athletic trainers and team physicians are part of the athletic family at these schools. They are on the sidelines and in the training rooms to not only take care of injured players, but also to support them and cheer them on.

Three Indianapolis area high schools provide their athletes with the best available care through affiliation with Indiana University Health Physicians and Methodist Sports Medicine.

Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers help prevent and treat orthopedic injuries in athletes and active people. Our trainers are uniquely experienced in treating all kinds of sports and active lifestyle injuries. They provide a full range of treatments for non-operative sports injuries and musculoskeletal injuries such as sprains, strains and joint injuries.

Our athletic trainers use the latest technologies and practices in recognizing, treating and providing education to reduce injuries in athletes and active people. They do a full assessment of all injuries to create a customized treatment plan for each athlete, and coordinate care with the physician if further treatment is needed.

Sports Performance is another key piece of getting an injured athlete back to full strength, or even better than before, following an injury. After proper diagnosis, treatment and physical therapy, a strength coach will work with the athlete to put the finishing touches on the process. The strength coach works to get the athlete back doing the activity they love through individualized exercises and methods to maximize strength and agility. The athletic trainer, physician and physical therapist all remain involved in the patient’s treatment during strength training to provide fully coordinated care.

Additionally, to keep you active and healthy, our athletic trainers work to educate people on injury prevention techniques. Athletes and active people can learn techniques for reducing the risk of recurring injuries and measures to lessen the stress of overuse to help prevent issues like stress fractures and tendonitis.


Physicians specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine provide care for active people of all levels and ages. Our physicians provide comprehensive treatment for sports related injuries requiring orthopedic surgery. Individualized treatment plans are created for every athlete we see in order to help you get back to doing the activity you love at full strength.

Our highly skilled physicians and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons have extensive expertise in minimally invasive procedures that help reduce recovery time and get you back to your active lifestyle faster. Our physicians also specialize in one specific area of the body giving them vast experience and making them experts in that area of care.

We know surgery is only one element of treatment. Rehabilitation is another major component of sports medicine care, which could take place after surgery or after an injury. Individually designed rehabilitation and physical therapy programs created by physical therapists, occupational therapists and rehabilitation specialists help people safely become active again. We use evidence-based techniques and best practices during one-on-one sessions to provide the highest level of care in a personal setting. Our physicians also work in collaboration with physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists to ensure fully coordinated care to help create a full and fast recovery.