Sports Performance
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Adult Fitness

This small group training is designed for the individual who would like to improve their body composition, flexibility, cardiorespiratory capacity, strength or overall fitness. The classes are one hour in length and available at different times of the day. They are instructed by a degreed and certified strength and conditioning coach, providing direct supervision to maintain correct body mechanics and technique while exercising. These coaches provide instruction and guidance with the exercises to make sure the client feels comfortable doing them. Each client may progress at their own rate, making sure to prevent any injury. The exercises are always different to promote maximal input to the neuromuscular system, allowing one to maintain or even improve the necessary balance and proprioception that so many adults begin to gradually lose as a result of inactivity.

The class always begins with a dynamic warm-up followed by a series of core stabilization exercises, upper and lower body strengthening, and built-in cardiovascular exercise. Sessions may vary from performing body weight exercises to using medicine balls and other implements, depending on the individual. A simple cool down and stretching session will occur at the end of each class, as well. Class attendance can vary from 1-2 clients up to as many as 10 during one session. We will often pair up with partners, if available, during training to create an environment that helps with accountability. This team atmosphere builds camaraderie and an escape from the usual work-out routine. Clients have access to locker rooms to change and to store personal items. Shower towels are also provided.