Sports Performance
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Injury Evaluation & Treatment

In addition to our Return to Sport Program—primarily geared toward the middle school to college athlete—we also offer injury evaluations and treatment for individuals of all ages and activity levels.* Whether you participate in recreational or intramural leagues, are an avid distance runner, or are a weekend warrior, we can help you with your injury and guide you in the right direction to full recovery!

Injury Evaluation 

You will receive a complete injury evaluation by a certified athletic trainer, who will assess your injury and provide possible solutions on how to fix the cause of the problem. Options may consist of simple tasks such as stretching and icing, or more invasive responsibilities like rehabilitation exercises or seeing a physician. If a diagnosis cannot be obtained, differentials will be given and we can help set you up with a physician’s office or lead you in the right direction for further medical attention.

Injury Treatment

For minor injuries that do not require seeing a physician, we offer the option of completing treatments and rehab with a certified athletic trainer to help you overcome the injury and get back to everyday activities pain free. A treatment and rehabilitation plan will be designed for you specifically. This route could help you get back to doing what you love, quickly and safely.


After initial evaluation, the certified athletic trainer may decide to refer you to a physician to receive further diagnostic testing, if needed. We work closely with both primary care physicians and sports medicine orthopedists through IU Health and Methodist Sports Medicine, allowing us to help you schedule an appointment.

*Injury Evaluation & Treatment is an out-of-pocket expense and not billable to insurance at this time.

Please email us at or call at 317-848-5867 to schedule an appointment.