Sports Performance
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Performance Training

Indiana University Health Sports Performance has developed a medically integrated program to selectively place each athlete into their appropriate level after a thorough evaluation, including a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and traditional timed testing. The FMS is an important tool in our program that begins our individualized training approach for every athlete. The FMS helps identify muscular imbalances and instabilities so a fully corrective and progressive program can be designed by our Performance Specialists.

Following the FMS, a series of timed tests and measured jumps will be recorded while mechanical movement patterns are evaluated. After this process, each athlete will be assigned to one of four groups, Youth, Level I, II or III. Each level directs attention to the mechanical principles of sports performance: acceleration, deceleration and change of direction. In addition to the Speed and Agility component of our program, we also place an emphasis on the athlete’s development of strength to produce more force and improved body control. Specific goals are set for each athlete and periodic reassessment is an instrumental part of measuring gains attained during their sports performance training.