Sports Performance
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For children who are going to participate in competitive sports, it is important to build an athletic base to increase strength, endurance and flexibility. By introducing the fundamentals of a strong athletic base early, children will develop the good habits necessary to increase productivity, prevent injury and continue to progress his/her skill level throughout a competitive career.

We divide athletes into skill level, rather than age, so children can work with and compete against other same-level athletes. Our focus is to instill the foundation of correct mechanics and movements present in gross motor skills such as running, jumping, skipping, shuffling, backpedaling, etc., which are imperative to good athletic development. By educating children on the importance of good form and providing instruction and feedback during exercises, we are able to create the athletic base necessary to become an advanced competitive athlete and more importantly, decrease the chance of injury at any age.

Our Level I program provides the tools young athletes need to build confidence in their performance as well as a mental library of athletic skills. Athletes work in small groups led by nationally certified coaches who ensure training is performed correctly and efficiently. Each session is 90 minutes long and includes 60 minutes of Speed and Agility, followed by 30 minutes of Power and Strength training. The Power and Strength portion for this level is considered introductory as to meet all National Strength and Conditioning (NSCA) guidelines for youth strength training.

If your child is interested in becoming active in sports, it is important he/she be given the skills necessary to succeed, excel and sustain good health—let our trainers help you coach your child to victory.