Sports Performance
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Level III

Our Level III programs use the same motivation and intensity levels that we use with our professional athletes, and each program builds on the skills learned in Level II to further enhance an athlete’s athletic base. At Indiana University Health Sports Performance, we recognize that the proper base of athleticism is important to promote a higher level of endurance, and an even stronger, more flexible athlete to increase performance and decrease the likelihood of injury. In this small group training, our coaches’ attention is focused on further developing concepts learned in Level II and introducing new concepts related to highly reactive drills that improve power and quickness while continuing to improve the mental focus that is necessary in sports.

We set specific goals for each athlete, with continual measurement of the metrics to ensure progress is being met each week. This specialized approach will transition into an even greater mental library of skills that continues to build athletic confidence and, ultimately, performance in their sport. Because of the small group size, our coaching staff can correct faulty mechanical movement patterns and ensure that sport-specific training is done correctly and efficiently. Each session is 90 minutes long; sessions include 60 minutes of speed and agility training, followed by 30 minutes of power and strength training. At this high level, our approach to power and strength is considered more advanced in the stages of progression and intensity. Our power and strength training meets all of the NSCA guidelines for pubescent strength training. (Age and other restrictions apply.)