Sports Performance
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It is pivotal for children to learn the basics of good athletic form throughout their developmental years. Our youth program gives your child the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of correct athletic movement as he/she is introduced to sports. The youth sports performance program is designed to teach the basics of linear speed, multidirectional movement and the proper approach to core strengthening. The proper knowledge of these skills improves your child’s response to an often chaotic athletic environment.

Our program is designed for children who are nine years or older to participate in small group sessions. We place children based on a skills evaluation into groups of same-skill level children which helps to build confidence and lessen frustration.

Each class is structured with a built-in, 20 minute strength component that includes body weight resistive exercises, band strengthening for a young developing muscular system, introduction to the use of light weight kettle bells and activities that incorporate the use of sleds for a stronger and more powerful young athlete. This approach to training will increase strength, quickness and speed. Our classes are 60 minutes and instructed by a nationally-certified strength and conditioning coach.

We suggest athletes come at least twice a week for at least eight weeks to see benefits, but no more than three days a week. We have a lobby for parents who choose to stay throughout their child’s session.

As a child continues to progress throughout his/her development and athletic career, one of the most important tools to succeed is the proper knowledge of skills to prevent injury and continue progression—our goal is to ensure your child receives this knowledge and knows how to safely become a more advanced athlete.