Sports Performance
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Return to Sport

Unique in Indiana, the Return to Sport program at Indiana University Health Sports Performance provides safe, progressive training for injured athletes who have completed rehabilitation and are ready to return to their previous level of performance.

Following rehabilitation for injury or surgery, athletes usually have some remaining weaknesses and instabilities that prevent them from returning to full conditioning and activity at their previous level. The Return to Sport program provides the missing link for the individual, offering demanding and functional sport-specific training to return athletes to their previous competitive level.

The Return to Sport program begins with a functional movement screening that provides a baseline assessment. This screening determines the appropriate level of advanced post-injury conditioning the individual may need. Together with a qualified post-injury specialist, an advanced return to sport plan is developed and implemented.

The IU Health Sports Performance Advantage

IU Health Sports Performance provides a seamless continuum of care. You’re part of a collaboration that extends from our highly skilled orthopedic specialists, through our licensed physical therapists, to our athletic trainers and our certified sports performance coaches.

Key to this program’s success is identifying limiting sport-specific factors that can improve your game. You will work toward excelling in your sport by building strength and performance through corrective and appropriate movement and repetition.