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Sports Psychology

Performance Psychology

Performance psychology at Indiana University Health Sports Performance features online video training and personal coaching sessions, in person or by phone. We help athletes develop the mental strength needed to make crucial behavioral changes and reach full potential to achieve major life goals.

Resistance to change is a key obstacle for many people in developing the training habits necessary to achieve life goals. Performance psychology provides the tools to overcome this resistance. In addition to overcoming resistance to change, this program addresses problems of performance anxiety and distractibility. Together, these three factors contribute to the failure of most training programs to reach a successful outcome. Performance psychology provides the tools to break through and achieve your goals.

Performance Psychology Benefits

People with major, realistic life goals are prime candidates for this program. Performance psychology develops calm, focused effort toward a clearly defined goal. This program can also help you confirm and refine your goals. 

Performance psychology also helps keep wellness programs on track. By developing focus on life goals, this program helps you overcome the overwhelming tendency for wellness and fitness programs to fail. As you develop mental strength and calm, goal-oriented focus, your wellness and fitness goals become achievable.

How Performance Psychology Works

The key to performance psychology is the development of mental strength, much like the development of physical strength. By using our proven mental strength training method several times daily, you learn how to keep your goal firmly in mind. The program also affirms self-esteem, which helps you maintain your belief that you deserve and can achieve your goal.

Development of the Performance Psychology Program

This program was developed by IU Health Sports Performance clinical and performance psychologist Dr. Steve Curtis to help students, musicians and athletes break through personal barriers. Since then, thousands of students, musicians, athletes (junior high through professional) and businesspersons (nationally and internationally) have benefited. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, this program in performance psychology has now been turned into an online class, where the learning portion of the program is followed by personal coaching to provide maximum benefit.

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