Sports Performance
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Team Training

Sports teams eager to take their performance to the next level can benefit from sports performance training. Building on the fundamentals, Indiana University Health Sports Performance sports-specific team training applies the science of athletic development with a deep knowledge of what it takes to excel at your chosen sport.

Training Tailored to the Athlete, the Sport and the Team

Sports-specific team training is delivered in the setting that best meets your goals, whether it’s on your team’s practice field or in the state-of-the art IU Health Sports Performance facility in Carmel, Indiana. Small group classes or individual sessions can also be arranged.

Team training is custom designed to meet the needs and goals of the team coach. The camaraderie among team members helps develop accountability for performance during training. Team members remind each other why they are putting in the extra effort beyond routine practice to develop their skills and meet their team goals.

Team members are tested before and after training and typically see measurable improvements in speed, agility, strength or other aspects of performance that have been focused on during training. It’s not unusual for a team to achieve a new level of performance in their season after training, winning championships and competing at a higher level.

Teams typically train together during the pre-season two times a week. We offer great flexibility in scheduling to fit the team’s needs, along with the convenience of either training on site at the IU Health facility or at the team’s practice location. Schools and club teams can both benefit from training.

As a healthcare-based program, injury prevention is the primary focus of training for every athletic level and every sport. Injured players can’t compete, so avoiding injury is the number-one goal and the greatest benefit of performance training.

With the foundation of safety in mind, sports-specific training builds athleticism and develops the specific skills needed to perform at the highest level and excel at your chosen sport.

Why IU Health Sports Performance?

Teams training with the staff at IU Health Sports Performance benefit from a medically-integrated, innovative program to reach superior performance. The IU Health sports medicine network of physicians, physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists support the coordination of care for injuries or other health issues to get you back to your sport. 

Unlike other training programs, every strength and conditioning coach at IU Health is a degreed and certified professional, experienced with training athletes at every level.

Sports Training Steps

Sports-specific training begins with a thorough evaluation, including a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to identify areas of deficiency and body imbalances. The FMS assesses your movement patterns for mobility and range of motion through seven different tests such as squats, hurdle step and lunges.  An individualized training program is then designed based on your FMS scores and the demands of your sport. 

Areas of focused development during training may include:

  • Strength and power
  • Speed and agility
  • Stability and mobility
  • Coordination and balance
  • Energy system
  • Body mechanics

The recommended schedule for off-season training is two sessions per week, dropping down to once a week during the season. For teams, our strength and conditioning coaches work closely with the team’s coach to develop a specific training program that meets your goals.

Specific Sports

Every sport places specific demands on the athlete. Learn how IU Health Sports Performance can help you excel at your chosen sport.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Rugby
  • Swimming