Sports Performance
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Soccer is a fast-paced sport that requires speed, agility and multi-directional movement to excel. Players, parents and coaches have noted the benefit of sports performance training in improving success and reducing injuries on the field. The United Soccer Association of Indiana uses Indiana University Health Sports Performance to train all of their teams in the pre-season.

IU Health Sports Performance can give you the best foundation for success by helping you develop key skills for soccer.

Training Program

Before your training begins, one of our certified strength and conditioning coaches will assess your specific level and needs using the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), a tool to identify your specific strengths and weaknesses doing a variety of tests.

We will develop an individual training program based on the results of your FMS and your goals for your sport.

Some of the primary areas of focus in your soccer performance-training plan include:

  • Speed: Learn proper acceleration techniques to cover more of the field faster.
  • Strength and flexibility: Improve the power of your kicks.
  • Agility: Maneuver the field with greater agility by improving your ability to make quick transitions using less time and energy.
  • Coordination and balance: Gain better control of the ball and your movement on the field with techniques that improve your dexterity and stability.

The recommended schedule for pre-season training is two sessions per week, eventually decreasing to once a week during the season. Either group classes or individual training sessions may be arranged.

Preventing Soccer Injuries

The most prevalent areas where injuries occur in both male and female soccer players involve ankles, knees, upper legs and pelvis/hip muscles. Learning and practicing proper movement mechanics and strengthening at-risk areas can play a major role in reducing injuries among soccer players.

To schedule your free Functional Movement Screen and find out how performance training can improve your soccer strength and skills, call 317.848.JUMP (5867).