Domestic Violence Coalition

Domestic Violence is a pattern of behavior where one person in a relationship tries to gain power and control over his or her partner through fear and intimidation. This can take the form of threats, physical violence, or emotional, economic or sexual abuse.

Who to Call

Emergency Numbers

24-Hour Victim Assistance

Support Groups

  • PREVAIL of Hamilton County 
24-Hour Crisis line: 317.776.3472
  • Support # (Open Monday through Friday): 317.776.6942

Other Important Numbers

Each call to the above numbers is confidential. Each caller will be listened to without criticism or judgment.

Are You Being Abused?

  • Are you afraid of doing the “wrong” thing, even if you're not sure what that is?
  • Does your partner watch your every move?
  • Do you feel sexually ashamed or humiliated, or are you being sexually hurt?
  • Does your partner refuse to help when you're sick, injured or pregnant?
  • Does he or she “put you down” at home or in public?
  • Do you avoid discussing some subjects because you’re afraid your partner’s reaction will be violent?
  • Does your partner place excessive limitations on the things you do, such as the time he or she “allows” you for errands or to see friends?
  • Does your partner accuse you of being unfaithful, crazy or worthless?
  • Has he or she injured you physically, no matter how slightly?
  • Do you live in constant fear for yourself or your children?

Safety Plan

If you are experiencing domestic violence, have bags packed with the following items, if possible:

  • Change of clothes for your and your children
  • Address book (include phone numbers of friends, relatives, doctors, lawyers)
  • Money (include change for pay phone)
  • Extra keys (to house and car)
  • Emergency medicines
  • Important papers (include checking and savings account numbers, copy of lease, copy of Protective Order/Restraining Order, birth certificates, social security numbers for yourself, children and partner, ADC/SSI/Medicaid cards, etc.)

REMEMBER: Avoid long distance calls if possible (long distance numbers can be traced). Advise school system, court and welfare not to give out any information.

Our Mission

The Tipton County Domestic Violence Coalition was founded by the medical community and administrative staff of Indiana University Health Tipton Hospital in order to raise public awareness of domestic violence, to coordinate resources and to enhance communication among those persons concerned with domestic violence, in an effort to prevent and reduce the incidence of further cases of domestic violence in Tipton County.

You Can Make a Difference

If you would like to become a partner in helping prevent domestic violence, and wish to make a donation to support education and resources to help end domestic violence in Tipton County, please send your tax-deductible donation to:

Tipton County Domestic Violence Coalition

1000 South Main Street

Tipton, Indiana 46072


Additional resources are available at the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence website.