Fund Overview

Outright Gifts – Funds from an outright gift will be used in their entirety.

Endowed Gifts – Endowed gifts become the principal of a fund, managed by the Tipton County Foundation, which generates interest earnings in support of the program or initiative for which the fund was established. A portion of the earnings is reinvested so that the fund grows faster than inflation, steadily supplying the money needed to accomplish its intended goals.

In terms of time, an endowed gift remains in perpetuity while an outright gift may be used immediately and completely.

Outright Gift Funds of the Indiana University Health Tipton Hospital Foundation

Unrestricted Fund "Area of Greatest Need"
The unrestricted fund supports Indiana University Health Tipton Hospital by providing funds where the need is greatest.

Endowed Funds of the IU Health Tipton Hospital Foundation

Hilton Hobbs Hospital and Healthcare Endowment
The Hilton Hobbs Hospital and Healthcare Endowment was established in 1993 to provide a permanent mechanism for donors to support the general health care needs addressed at IU Health Tipton Hospital. The fund, which was initially named the Tipton County Memorial Hospital Endowment Fund, was renamed in 1996 in recognition of the many years Hilton Hobbs served as a Trustee of Tipton County Memorial Hospital. Over the years, the fund has allowed many local individuals, companies, and groups to be a part of the future of healthcare in Tipton County through a philanthropic gift.

IU Health Tipton Hospital Scholarship Endowment
The IU Health Tipton Hospital Team Members Scholarship was established in 1988 as a Christmas gift to IU Health Tipton Hospital team members by three physicians: Dr. Michael Harper, Dr. Destry Lambert and Dr. Robert Kurtz. Other medical staff members also contributed, and each year the donated money was divided between a graduate of Tipton High School and a graduate of Tri-Central High School, each of whom planned to prepare for a healthcare career.

In 1994, the medical staff embarked upon a campaign to solicit donations from both staff physicians and team members. The donations were made part of the hospital’s new endowment fund within the Tipton County Foundation. Beginning in 1995, the scholarship awards came from interest income earned by the scholarship endowment.

Eligible to apply for the scholarships are Tipton High School seniors, Tri-Central High School seniors, Tipton County home-schooled seniors, and senior students of IU Health Tipton Hospital Associates pursuing a healthcare career. At least one scholarship will be awarded to seniors from each of the county schools.