Occupational Services

Why Occupational Medicine?

  • We provide appropriate and prompt medical care to the employee.
  • We meet the needs of the employer and the insurance company.
  • We work to prevent workplace injuries and keep the injured employee working.


  • Drug & Alcohol Screening Programs - Random & Unannounced Selections
  • Drug Testing Policy Development
  • Blood Draw
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Fitness for Duty Exams
  • DOT Exams
  • Hearing Screening with Audiology Interpretation
  • Impairment Exams
  • Immunizations-Tetanus, Tdap, Flu Vaccine, Hep B Vaccine
  • OSHA Audiograms
  • Permanent Restrictions Opinions
  • Resting EKG
  • Respirator Fit Testing
  • Wellness Physicals
  • Workers Comp Injury Care & Management
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Back Injury Prevention in Conjunction with Occupational Therapy Services
  • Medical Review Officer Functions
  • Wellness Programs - Smoking Cessation, Comprehensive Health Risk Assessments, Health Screenings, Fitness & Nutrition Behavior Changes
  • Education - First Aid Classes, CPR, Standard Precautions & Wellness
  • OSHA Testing & Monitoring - Biological Monitoring for Lead, Heavy Metal, & Radiographic Monitoring for Asbestos
  • Insurance Physicals

After Hours

  • Acute injuries seen in the Emergency Department
  • Occupational Health Clinic will follow-up with all after hour injuries

Ergonomic Assessments

An analysis of how the worker responds when performing a job in relation to the work environment is completed. It examines the fit between the worker and the job requirements. The assessments takes into account the worker’s size, strength, and ability to handle the tasks, tools, and work environment. The risks of the job are presented, as well as recommendations for modifications.

Contact Us

1000 South Main Street
Suite A
Tipton, IN 46072
Phone: 765.675.1457
Fax: 765.675.1487

Office Hours:

8am-4pm, Monday-Friday
After hours drug screens completed by outpatient laboratory.
Physicals by appointment.
Drug Screens-Walk-In

“We share a vision that the workplace can be a place where health is protected and accidents and diseases are prevented. Some workplaces go further, and demonstrate that the workplace can be a setting for improvement or creation of good health.”

—IU Health Tipton Occupational Services Staff