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Indiana Injury Institute

The Indiana Injury Institute is a collaboration between the Indiana University School of Medicine and Indiana University Health hospitals to improve access to high-quality trauma care throughout the state. Some areas of Indiana do not have regional access to trauma care, making it difficult for patients to receive the fast, advanced care they need. We are working to increase the number of trauma centers and educate trauma medical personnel to fill this need.

In addition, we provide injury prevention education to healthcare personnel and families at community events, in schools and through special training. Through the Indiana Injury Institute, we are striving to create a safer, more prepared environment for you and your family.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Indiana Injury Institute Treatment Information

The Indiana Injury Institute is based around four pillars that all enhance the level and availability of trauma care throughout the state of Indiana.

The mission of the Indiana Injury Institute is to decrease the incidence of injury in Indiana and to improve the care of the injured patients through advanced clinical care, comprehensive educational programs and innovative research.

The four pillars include:

Indiana Injury Institute Support Services

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