Indiana University Health University Hospital provides patients with access to nationally recognized diagnostic and treatment services for disorders of the digestive tract. Our comprehensive team includes specialty trained gastrointestinal (GI) radiologists, pathologists, nurse practitioners and psychologists. The Gastroenterology program at IU Health University Hospital is also the only one in Indiana with full-time psychologists on faculty and a board-certified bariatrician on staff to medically manage obesity.

Our gastroenterology program is recognized for its expertise in endoscopy, which involves inserting a long, flexible tube in the mouth or the rectum to visualize parts of the digestive tract. Our team includes one of the top three colonoscopy experts in the world. Our experienced physicians are dedicated to advancing gastroenterology medicine and training future experts through our fellowship program.

Many gastroenterology procedures that are now commonplace were first pioneered by physicians at IU Health University Hospital. Our highly skilled physicians have been monumental in developing cutting edge technologies such as the use of mini scopes to investigate diseases of the pancreas and biliary tree, lithotripsy of pancreatic stones, natural orifice transgastric endoluminal surgery and anti-reflux procedures.