Foot & Ankle

Specializing in conditions of the foot and ankle, orthopedic physicians affiliated with Indiana University Health Orthopedics provide the highest level of care to this part of the body. Our foot and ankle specialists commonly treat conditions such as arthritis, athletic injuries, flat feet, foot and ankle trauma, and problems of the toes, feet, and ankles associated with diabetes and neurological issues.

As our first line of treatment, non-surgical management of foot and ankle problems includes medication, injections, physical therapy, orthotics and braces. When surgery is required, typical surgical procedures include arthroscopy, arthrodesis (fusion), arthroplasty (joint replacement), tendon and ligament repair, or reconstruction and fixation of foot and ankle fractures.

Foot and ankle physicians work closely with Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Trauma, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation to achieve the best results and care.