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Female Urology

Treatment for female urology disorders often successfully controls or eliminates them. Women come to urologists for a wide range of conditions relating to the female genitourinary (relating to organs of reproduction and urination) tract, including:

  • Cystocele – a condition in which the bladder sags into the vagina
  • Pelvic prolapse – when weakened pelvic muscles cause organs in the pelvis to slide out of place
  • Urethral diverticulum – a bulge in the urethra that traps urine, causing urinary tract infections
  • Urethral strictures – the narrowing of the tube that carries urine from your bladder
  • Urinary incontinence – the loss of urine control
  • Vaginal bulge – when weakened muscles allow the vaginal wall to bulge
  • Vaginal mesh complications – problems caused by a vaginal mesh used to treat prolapse or incontinence

The most common of these conditions are urinary incontinence, pelvic prolapse and vaginal mesh complications.

  • Urinary Incontinence. Inability to control urination happens for a variety of reasons, including advancing age, strains on the pelvic area during childbirth and radiation treatment for cancer. The problem may be infrequent and minor, with just a few drops of urine lost when stress is put on the bladder. In more severe cases, a woman may lose large amounts of urine unexpectedly. Treatments for this condition vary depending on the cause.
  • Pelvic prolapse. A network of muscles and ligaments supports the organs in the pelvis. Normal aging, childbirth, being overweight, radiation treatment and other stresses may weaken this support and allow the uterus and sometimes the bladder to drop into the vagina. This is called pelvic prolapse. It may affect urination and other functions in the pelvis. A variety of treatments are available to correct the problem.
  • Vaginal mesh complications. Weakness in the muscles of the pelvis can result in a number of conditions including prolapse and vaginal bulge. One type of treatment for this weakness is synthetic mesh implanted in the vaginal wall. Mesh is an effective support for these muscles, but in some cases it can cause infection or injure pelvic organs. Surgery usually corrects the problem and restores normal function.

Many female urologic conditions are treated successfully with the right knowledge and techniques. Indiana University Health has extensive experience with a full range of women’s urologic disorders. We use the latest techniques—including robotic surgery when appropriate—to treat disorders of the female urogenital tract.

Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to collaborate with other specialists as necessary to provide comprehensive treatment that fully addresses your condition. We are committed to patient- and family-centered care and work with you to develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs and preferences.

Our physicians are also faculty at Indiana University School of Medicine. We are involved in the latest medical advances so we can provide excellent care to our patients. We train our medical students and fellows (experienced physicians seeking advanced training) in current best practices.

Our urologists engage in research that helps us understand more about female urologic conditions. We are developing new treatments that improve effectiveness and reduce the impact of treatment. A current topic in our research is development of a wireless device to measure bladder pressure, which will help diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence. We are also investigating new techniques for repairing ureteral strictures (blockages in the tubes that empties the bladder).

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Female Urology Treatment Information

We treat a variety of urologic conditions specific to women. Three of the most common are urinary incontinence, pelvic prolapse and vaginal mesh complications.

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