Indiana University Health West Hospital is a special place to give and receive healthcare services, and was built with the comfort and needs of our patients, visitors and caregivers in mind.

Many elements come together to create what is known as IU Health West Hospital's Sanctuary of Healing - building design and decor, technology and relationship-centered caregiving, to name just a few. The physical environment and our caregiving staff work in harmony to create a soothing, stress-free, remarkable health care experience for patients and their loved ones.

The IU Health West Hospital Difference

Patients see and feel the difference the moment they walk in the door. The use of natural materials and colors, peaceful garden views, cheerful natural light and soft, healing music set a soothing tone, establishing IU Health West Hospital as a place where patients can set aside stressful distractions and focus on what's important: getting well.

The team of caregivers at IU Health West Hospital further patients' sense of a healing sanctuary by working to build a sense of trust and rapport with patients, thereby making patients active partners in their healthcare experience, and allowing them to feel a sense of control, understanding and peace of mind.

Think of every hospital experience you have had, and then push your expectations aside. IU Health West Hospital strives to exceed your expectations in every way, and provide patient care second to none.

IU Health West Hospital was designed with "on-stage" and "off-stage" corridors and elevators to keep public and visitor movement through the hospital separate from the movement of patients, materials, staff and supplies. Hence, the "day-to-day" operations that go into running a hospital are kept out of the publicly-traveled areas, allowing for a more peaceful, serene and home-like environment.

As just one example, Emergency Servies at IU Health West features private treatment spaces and separate waiting areas for adult and pediatric emergencies. IU Health West Hospital considers patients' privacy and dignity of the utmost importance. Therefore, in Emergency Services at IU Health West you will find no curtains separating patients - exam rooms are spacious, and have actual doors shielding patients from the bustling corridors outside their treatment room.

Small waiting "nooks" throughout the hospital are designed to help families find cozy, private space away from the bedside for conversation and quiet time. It doesn't stop there - IU Health West Hospital's grounds feature many gardens and quiet courtyards, ponds and walking trails, perfect for conversation, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Indiana University Health West Hospital does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability or age in admission, treatment, or participation in its programs, services and activities, or in employment. For further information about this policy, contact Linda Ryser, Patient Liaison, at 317.217.3183.